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Birthdate:Jan 1
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a decent simblance of a man who looks as I do in human form, standing in front of a galaxyHi. My name is Craig Lightsoul. I am 28-years-old by Earth years. My age is different where I come from, but that does not concern you. I have had this Dream Width account created so that I may write about my life, my past and my place of origin openly with those whom I am trying to learn to trust. I came to a multiple system last year, by choice, in order to help. While here I have formed friendships and relationships, both within and outside of this system, that have led me to the decision to stay here. Our core person is [personal profile] waya_adanvto. Another member, who is (respectively) the gatekeeper, also has a blog here. That blog is [personal profile] light_and_sound. They do not trust those they do not know, but if you know of a system called Hawini Tsiwoni, feel free to drop by. I, too, and not trusting. It takes me a while. I may come off as a jerk at first, but that is my own shyness and discomfort. If you can be patient with me, chances are we will get along.

I tend to be a very deep thinker. I am fascinated by human interaction. I am not human but I'm not exactly inhuman either. I am made of energy, as all sentient beings are, and while inhabiting this body I have a body in our homeworld. Our "headspace" as some people call it. The core/bio body is female so this is interesting for me. haha

At any rate, that is me in a very small nutshell.

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